Client: Dear Freeda / ContraBureau
Objective: As the Art Director of Dear Freeda, my team and I collaborated with PR Agency, Autumn, and Amazon to create an engaging demonstration video for Fireside Chat's Mother's Day Beauty campaign. Our goal was to highlight the shoppable feature on Lancome's landing and collection pages within Amazon's desktop UI interface.
Collaboration: Working closely with Autumn and Amazon, we formed a dynamic team dedicated to achieving a seamless execution of our creative vision. Through effective collaboration, we ensured a smooth workflow and alignment with the campaign's objectives.
Art Direction: Guided by my expertise in aesthetics and brand identity, I provided art direction to capture captivating visuals and develop compelling motion graphics. Our focus was on creating a cohesive visual language that showcased the beauty of Lancome's products while highlighting the shoppable feature.
Visuals and Motion Graphics: With meticulous attention to detail, our production team crafted visually stunning content. Each frame was carefully designed to make Lancome's products stand out in the crowded online marketplace. The shoppable feature was seamlessly integrated into the video, enhancing the user experience on Amazon's desktop UI.
Results and Impact: Our demonstration video for Fireside Chat's Mother's Day Beauty campaign yielded exceptional results. By combining art direction, visuals, and motion graphics, we captured the attention of our target audience and drove engagement. The video successfully motivated viewers to explore and purchase Lancome's products, resulting in increased sales and customer acquisition.
Conclusion: Through collaborative efforts and meticulous art direction, we successfully brought the Dear Freeda team's vision to life in the Fireside Chat's Mother's Day Beauty campaign. Our captivating visuals and motion graphics enhanced the user experience on Amazon, showcasing Lancome's shoppable feature. This case study exemplifies our ability to deliver outstanding creative solutions that yield tangible results for our valued clientele.

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